Ardente Estate Winery was founded in 1996 on a twenty acre estate located in the quiet hills of Atlas Peak in Napa Valley.
The area was selected for its rich volcanic soil, 1500 feet elevation and moderate microclimate which provide perfect condition for growing high quality Cabernet Sauvignon. Our wines are hand-crafted and aged to be enjoyed upon release, with a depth of flavor, great acidity and a promise of a long aging.

Ardente 2003 Cabernet SauvignonArdente Estate Winery, Atlas Peak, Napa Valley

“Bronze is the mirror of the form; Wine, of the heart”- Aeschylus (525-456 BC)

ardente [ar' dεnte]
From the latin for pyre;
a burning desire,
passionate, flaming.

This is the word that Carlo Di Ruocco felt best described his relationship to the land and the wine that is his "Ardente".

The warm arid climate and rocky terrain denigrate the vines forcing them to work harder and produce more concentration of fruit, with dense tannins which intensifies the flavors of the mature grapes. The mountainous terrain presents some challenges, and with late harvest the weather conditions can change by the minute. But for those with a passion for exceptional wine and to overcome the challenges of this unique appellation the rewards are extraordinary. After consulting with different growers and enologists in the Napa Valley, the objective was to make a French style Cabernet Sauvignon, inspired by the wines from the Medoc.