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Ardente Estate Winery is a family-owned estate organized in the manner of a traditional European chateau. The winery and the vineyard are located on the estate in the quiet hills of Atlas Peak, at an altitude of 1500 feet just eight miles from the city of Napa. The rocky, volcanic terrain and arid climate denigrate the vines, forcing them to work harder and produce more concentrated fruit. The harvest commence most years in late October, giving the grapes a long hang-time, resulting in well ripened and mature fruit. The hand-harvested grapes are sorted and destemmed, then fermented in small tanks, for ultimate skin contact. After pressing; the wine is aged for a minimum of 2 years in 225 liter French oak barrels, and an additional 2 years in the bottle. The finish wine shows a rich dark ruby red color, extraordinary complexity and approachable full bodied tannins. Truly a style of wine that can be enjoyed upon release, with the promise to steadily evolve in character with age.

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    Ardente Estate Winery
    2929 Atlas Peak Road
    Napa, Ca. 94558
    Phone (510) 917-7902

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Ardente Estate Winery Gardens

The Winery at Ardente Estates

Atlas Peak

Welcome to the Atlas Peak Appellation -- home to Napa Valley's most highly elevated, rugged and visually startling landscape. Not for the faint of heart, this immensely challenging and unadulterated region of Northern California wine country has been producing fine wines since 1870.  Atlas Peak was approved as an American Viticultural Area in 1992. The appellation is named after the highest point in the region - Atlas Peak - at 2,663 feet above sea level. The peak juts out of the Vaca Range, the mountains that form the Napa Valley's eastern side.  Known as a mountain appellation, the region ranges in elevation from 760 to 2,663 feet.  Atlas Peak Appellation is located primarily within the Soda Canyon and Foss Valley areas, northeast of the town of Napa, east of Yountville and above the foothills of the Stags Leap District. Access into and out of the appellation is via one of two roads - Soda Canyon Road, immediately off of Silverado Trail, and a bit south, Atlas Peak Road, off of Hardman Lane. Both roads dead end approximately eight to 10 miles from the base of the region on Silverado Trail.